Update on Verde Community Project grant

The Verde Community Project video is here!

It’s been nine months since the Verde Community Project was launched, this video showcases the triumphs the organizations each spearheaded, contributed to, and inspired across the city. No question about it, our natural environment, youth and families, and economy is stronger for our efforts.

Over the past nine months, just a fragment of all we’ve all achieved:

~ 36 low-income homes energy retrofit (SFCC Energy Smart Academy)

~ more than 45 new part-time jobs for youth

~ more than 16 homeless young people housed (Adelante, YouthWorks, Interfaith Leadership Alliance)

~ more than 24,000 afterschool meals served to children on free or reduced lunches (Culinary, YouthWorks, Food Depot)

~ 340 low cost fruit and vegetable boxes to low income families (MoGro)

~ 400+ tons of food waste collected (Reunity Resources)

~ almost 500 tons of finished compost produced (Reunity Resources)

~ nearly 15 cubic tons of slash from wilderness-urban interface to Reunity for compost production (Wildfire Network)

~ more than 20 acres of private/public land cleared for wildfire prevention (Wildfire Network)

~ More than $3000 in housing supplies and donations (Interfaith Leadership Alliance)

~ thousands of hours of youth job training and new youth jobs created in culinary programs, greenhouse and compost management, home weatherization and energy retrofitting, and wildland fire mitigation