TRiO 2017 Achiever’s Dinner

TRiO students celebrated successes during this year’s Achiever’s Dinner on May 3. Twenty-two graduating TRiO students as well as TRiO students who made the Dean’s list celebrated with TRiO staff, tutors and administrators.

Guest speaker, Andre Jones, SFCC and TRiO alumnus, shared his story and his hard-won thoughts about perseverance. “No one has a perfect life,” he reminded the audience, “the question is what do you want to do with it?”

Individual TRiO students also shared their stories—acknowledging both their struggles and their triumphs in higher education.

“I was moved and inspired by the stories that students shared at the Achiever’s Dinner,” commented Cheryl Fields, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success. “The strength and persistence that was demonstrated by these students to make it through the year was remarkable! And clearly, the TRiO staff and program made a significant difference to all of them.”