AARP Foundation Tax Aide Program at the Santa Fe Higher Education Center


The Santa Fe HEC is closed to the public.  All AARP Tax Aide appointments are drive-up only.  Please remain in your car and call the number on the sign when you arrive.  In-person and walk-in appointments are not available.

Start Date:  Tuesday, February 9, 2021
End Date:  Thursday, April 15, 2021.  AARP Tax-Aide Services will not be available after April 15.
Cost:  Free
Days of operation:  Monday, Tuesday
Hours of operation: Monday and Tuesday:  9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Contact: (505) 428-1780 For information Voice Mails only, volunteers will return calls when possible.

Holiday or other closures:  Any unexpected COVID-related closures, HEC observed holidays closures, SFCC/HEC Spring Break Mar. 15 thru Mar. 22 and Spring Holiday Apr. 2 thru Apr. 4; and HEC weather delays or closures (appointments affected by weather delays or closures will be re-scheduled).

Appointments are required.
To Make an Appointment click HERE

Because the HEC is closed due to COVID, individuals will not be allowed in the building. Please pick up an intake form (in English or Spanish), envelopes and other forms on Mondays or Tuesdays beginning Feb. 8th.

These will be located in plastic bins outside the entrance of the HEC only on Mondays and Tuesdays – please note holidays or closures noted above. We will also provide worksheets for Itemized Deduction (including medical expenses), Education Expenses, Self-employed Income/Expenses and Self-Employed COVID Worksheet in these bins. You may also download these forms below.

Please complete the intake form (and other worksheets that apply) prior to your appointment. If you cannot pick them up prior to your appointment, then please arrive at least 20 minutes early to complete the forms in your vehicle.

When you arrive for your appointment please call the phone number posted at the entrance and a volunteer will come out to get your documents. Please have your cell phone available on the day of your appointment and prepare to wait in your vehicle while we review and scan your documents. If you don’t have a cell phone knock on the front door and a volunteer will come out to talk to you.

After documents have been scanned they will be returned to you and you will be able to leave. Your return will be prepared using the scanned documents. During preparation of the return, a volunteer may contact you to get additional information and to review the return. You will be contacted to make an appointment to pick up the completed return and to sign final documents.

For taxpayers, who are married and filing jointly, both individuals must be present to sign documents. Exceptions may be made only when a spouse is unable to be present due to health issues.

NOTE: Individual appointments must be made for each member of a household or group that is filing a return and for each prior year return! This year we can only do 2019 prior year returns.

• Amounts of Economic Impact Payments (Stimulus Checks) received in 2020 and 2021

• Copy of prior year return, if available

• Drivers License or State ID of the primary filers

• Social Security Card or ITIN Letters for taxpayers and dependents

• Social Security Year End Statement

• Bank information (routing and account numbers) for direct deposit or direct debit

• Income documents: W-2s; 1099’s for retirement income or self-employment; interest, dividend, capital gains or brokerage statements; Unemployment (form 1099-G); gambling wins (form W2-G and related loss documentation)

• Individuals eligible for State/County Rebates or Credits– bring 2020 property tax bill(s) or rent information, out-of-pocket medical expenses (no over-the-counter or medical cannabis-related expenses) and other household income

• List and supporting documents for itemized deductions or credits: childcare, college, or vocational training information (1098-T), medical expenses not covered by insurance – including mileage, charity donations, property tax bills or receipts and mortgage interest paid

    If They Apply to You, Also Bring

• Self-employed Income and Expenses Documentation: 1099 NEC or other income, employment related expenditures, business miles. Determine if claiming COVID eligible sick or family leave and provide number of days claimed; and, decide whether you will be deferring self-employment taxes.

• Market Place insurance documents (1095-A)

The AARP Foundation Tax Aide Program cannot prepare returns that include (these are Out of Scope):

  • Rental income
  • Married individuals who file separately
  • Self-employment returns with expenses of more than $35,000 or more, home office deduction, employees, inventory or operating loss
  • Royalty income with associated expenses
  • Casualty loss
  • Out-of-state or multi-state returns, except for states with no state income tax (Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming)
  • Prior year returns, except for 2019

For free online tax filing resources please visit:

For more information please call: (505) 428-1780 – leave a message and a volunteer will return your call, when possible.