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As an SFCC student you can be part of SUN Online! How?

Register in any of the courses in our class schedule with a designation of SN or SD. You will be part of a network of students taking courses around New Mexico, offered by any of the SUN PATH Consortium partners.

What if I need to take a course that is not offered in this semester at SFCC? Do I have to wait to take it?

Absolutely not! Ask your advisor to check with the SFCC SUN Online Site Administrator to see if one of our partners is offering the course you need. If this is the case, and they have availability, you can register to take it and continue with your career pathway and be ready for graduation – on time, no delays, and no hassle!


SUN Online is committed to increasing access to quality online education for students across New Mexico.


  • Establish an online course sharing system in New Mexico in collaboration with the state’s colleges and universities to provide students with greater access to courses, certificates and programs.
  • Provide faculty professional development for excellence and consistency in online learning.
  • Foster collaboration between colleges that will result in less duplication of courses, resources and programs.
  • Increase student retention and reduce time to completion.

More Information:

SUN Online Website

Carla Fallas-Slentz • SUN PATH Consortium Manager  • • 505-428-1300


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