What Students Are Saying About CWA


SFCC studentsThe College for Working Adults is a godsend for people who are working full-time and raising a family. I can’t say it has been easy but I know that if it was not for this program, it would have been a long time before I could have gone back to college.”

“My name is Cathy and I have enjoyed the CWA program. Being a single mother and working full time, this program has spaced out the work so I am not overloaded or stressed. The instructors are great. They are very lively and they make subjects more interesting than they seem to be. I feel like I can now complete my education in a comfortable environment. I completely support the CWA program.”

SFCC students“When I began my first block in the CWA program, I had doubts as to whether I could complete the program. The instructors and counselors have been great and they are willing to help you in anyway needed. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in obtaining a degree. It does take a lot of hard work and commitment but it is well worth it. It is hard to believe that my group has begun our third block of classes. The semesters go by very fast, and I really do enjoy going to class.”

“I thought the chance to get my Associate’s Degree in two years while still working full time was too good to be true. But with the CWA program at SFCC, I am working toward that goal. I have been with the program for almost one year and I have loved every minute of it. I have met some wonderful people that I never would have met otherwise. Since the groups are small, there is a sense of unity. We are all working towards the same goal and will help each other to reach that goal. I had always disliked school, but now I can’t wait to go to class on Tuesday afternoons. This is truly an offer you can’t refuse.”

SFCC students“I have been with the CWA program for almost one year and I love it. The people at SFCC have made it so easy for me to go to school. I register, pay for class, buy books, and have orientation all without having to go to the college campus. They understand that life is hectic enough. The staff at SFCC bends over backward to accommodate our needs as full time workers, moms, dads, and students. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Lou, his staff and the fine faculty at SFCC.”