Student Guidelines


The Testing Center strives to achieve an optimal testing environment given the resources available. We ask that students assist us in this effort by cooperating with and adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Present photo-bearing identification for any and all testing. Students who cannot present photo ID will not be allowed to test.  There are no exceptions.
  • Know your instructor’s name.  Exams are filed under the instructor’s last name, not yours.
  • Observe noise restrictions and keep voice levels low. Be considerate of others testing and refrain from creating any kind of visual or auditory distraction. No talking is allowed in the examination rooms.  Students responsible for a disturbance will be asked to leave and will be reported to their instructors.
  • Be prepared to stow personal belongings in the lockers in the reception area of the Testing Center. All items, other than those allowed for the test itself, must be placed in or below these lockers.
  • No electronic devices of any kind, including cell phones, are permitted in the testing rooms.  Any such devices must be turned off and placed in a locker.  Other items not permitted in the testing rooms include food, drink, chewing gum, sunglasses and hats.  Students who do not comply with these directives will not be allowed to test and will be reported to their instructors.
  • Try not to wear heavy cologne, perfume or scented lotions or to smoke before testing.  Many students are sensitive to smells and chemicals and will experience allergic reactions if exposed. It also creates an unpleasant testing environment for other students as it is impossible to “air out” the testing rooms between visits.
  • Make childcare arrangements before testing. Children and visitors are not allowed in the Testing Center while tests are being administered. Leaving young children unsupervised is not permitted anywhere on the SFCC campus.
  • Be prepared to finish your test in one administration. Students may not take bathroom breaks during a test. No one is allowed to leave the testing area and then resume testing or reschedule a test except in an emergency situation such as a severe storm, power failure, or other unusual activity. If such a situation occurs, the Testing Center staff will advise the appropriate people and arrange a makeup administration as soon as possible.
  • Allot enough time to complete the test. Instructors designate how much time a student can have to complete a test, but the Testing Center reserves the right to refuse test administration to any student arriving too late to finish an examination before the Center closes for the day.  No one will be allowed to begin testing less than 1/2 hour before the Center is scheduled to close.
  • The Testing Center will not collect anything except tests and scratch paper to be returned to instructors. Please make different arrangements to turn in any other material including homework.
  • Dress in layers. The Center attempts to keep a comfortable temperature for the testing rooms, but weather outside most definitely affects temperature inside. Layers allow students to add or remove a clothing item for their own comfort.


The Testing Center staff is authorized to dismiss an examinee from testing and notify appropriate people of the dismissal for any of the following reasons:

  • Creating a disturbance
  • Failing to turn off a cell phone
  • Attempting to take a test for someone else
  • Giving or receiving assistance of any kind
  • Taking electronic devices into the testing rooms
  • Using notes, books, calculators, computers, listening devices, recording or photographic devices, or papers of any kind (unless there is prior written permission)
  • Attempting to remove test questions and/or responses (in any format) from the testing room
  • Failure to follow the test directions
  • Leaving the testing area without permission
  • Using abusive or foul language or refusing to comply with directions from Testing Center staff.

If a student is dismissed from the Testing Center, that student’s instructor will be notified of the dismissal. Depending on the circumstances, the student’s Testing Center privileges may be revoked for a period of time.  Before the student can return to the Testing Center, he or she may be required to meet with the Testing Center Manager to discuss the guidelines violation. Students are encouraged to review the SFCC Student Code of Conduct, available in the Student Handbook & Daily Planner, and in Policy 2-1.

Accessibility Accommodations

Testing accommodations can be arranged for a student who has a documented disability.  Appropriate documentation must be provided to and reviewed by Student Accessibility Services.  The Testing Center will not allow nonstandard test administration for any SFCC student without communication from Accessibility Services. If a student requires accommodations for GED Testing, please find guidelines and instructions at the site.