School of Fitness Education Dress Code


School of Fitness Education


The School of Fitness Education (SoFE) reserves the right to deny use of the Fitness Education Center (FEC) to any person whose attire is considered to not be appropriate.

To reduce the spread of contagious diseases, skin contact with facility equipment needs to be kept to a minimum.
All users must wear exercise/fitness clothes when using the FEC and follow these guidelines:
 Please, no jeans, dress pants, corduroy or cargo type pants, cut-offs or jean shorts

Acceptable attire for upper body clothing includes T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, sport jerseys and tank tops. No white “A-shirt” underwear type shirts or cut-outs are allowed. Upper body attire must meet the following guidelines:
 Workout tops must not be transparent or of a mesh-type material, exposing the front or back torso
 Workout tops must cover the entire torso (front, back and sides). Workout tops must be worn at all times

Acceptable attire for lower body clothing includes workout shorts, bike shorts, sweat pants, full-leg workout pants, workout capris, leggings, and tights subject to the following guidelines:
 Workout pants/shorts must not be transparent or of a mesh type material that exposes the front or back gluteal or hip area
 Workout shorts and pants must extend a minimum of two inches below the lower gluteal area
 Workout pants/shorts must not have any buckles, rivets, belt loops, zips or other embroidery

All users must wear clean and proper workout shoes:
 No dress shoes, boots, hiking shoes, sandals (flip-flops), cleats or bare feet are allowed, however, five toe-type shoes are permitted.

No profane and/or derogatory writing or graphics slogans on any attire in the facility is permitted.