SFCC Snapshot: Sasha Garcia

“I was in my late 20s when I started the I-Best (Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training) Program. I didn’t go to college right after high school, so I was nervous to go back to school. The program really helped me get my feet in the water. I-Best showed me that I could do it. I found out about I-Best through a colleague at a Head Start program at YDI (Youth Development Inc) where I teach. She’s an instructor at Santa Fe Community College and she gave me the number for I-Best Coordinator Gwen Spatzier. Gwen and I talked and she invited me to an orientation, and I’m glad she did. Gwen was there with me the whole time. She was a lot of help, not just with my classes but she helped me put together a résumé and enhance the skills that I already had. I think she’s the reason that I wanted to continue in Early Childhood Education. SFCC was really flexible with me because I live in Velarde and a lot of times I couldn’t make it to the college. They would do Zoom, and even let my two kids go to class with me. The program definitely built my confidence up and now I’m getting my associate in Early Childhood Education. When my kids are older, I’m going to continue and get my bachelor’s degree.”
~Sasha Garcia, earned an Early Childhood Education Certificate through the I-Best Program and is pursuing an Early Childhood Education associate degree

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