SFCC Snapshot: Sara Lanctot

“When we were online, it actually forced us to work together a little bit more. Especially in my Calculus II, Dynamics and Circuits class. We had a lot of questions and we were trying to figure things out together. It’s one thing to be in a classroom where everyone’s doing their own thing and then someone has a question and then it’s, “Okay, bye.” But when we were online, I created a Discord channel for some of my classes and everyone was helping each other out there, so we were able to get through homework and studying together. Even some of my classmates were like, “Hey you’re playing this video game! I love this game!” because we were all on Discord and then we were playing the game together. That wouldn’t have happened unless we were on Discord together. We wouldn’t have known this about each other. And our teachers were very flexible with us. They understood that everyone had a different situation, so they were like, “Whatever you need, here we are. Here’s my cell phone number, feel free to call me.” They were very understanding and supportive.” ~ Sara Lanctot, General Engineering & Engineering Technologies graduate, Class of 2020, and the first SFCC student accepted into NASA’s National Community College Aerospace Scholars program.

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