SFCC Snapshot: Russell Fletcher

“I am energized by being around people and that’s why I’ve always been drawn to a traditional classroom. Being in a classroom online is not the same as being in a classroom in person. When our Theories of Teaching and Learning class, taught by sj miller, went online, we met on Monday nights, the same night and time as our traditional class.  That became like a lifeline, because one thing that’s been really challenging for me personally during this time is that I cannot be around people. I can’t connect with friends for game night, or exercise class at the gym, or go dancing. I’ve noticed that my energy level has dropped significantly, and my mental state has also been challenged by this. For us to continue to have our class meet on Monday nights in the video conference format, that was much more beneficial and also meaningful than if we had gone completely online. The week before finals, sj made a last-minute decision that we would do food distribution as a class. So our whole class helped distribute meals at World Central Kitchen. And that was a great way to finish the semester, to meet as a class again wearing masks and gloves and social distancing.”

~  Russell Fletcher, student in the Alternative Teacher Licensure Program, and Choir and Music Teacher at Gonzales Community School (K-8).

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