SFCC Snapshot: Raquel Baca-Tompson

“Case Management with Carlos Balladares is the first flex class I’ve taken. I like being in-person during class rather than online, but having the flexibility is definitely a plus for college students. If I’m online at home, I risk getting distracted. In the classroom, I’m fully engaged because this is my time to focus!  I’m a lifelong learner and have recently decided to make a degree change from nursing to social work. My goal is to become a Social Worker for a hospice organization. In my Case Management class, we did role playing, first as the client and then the caseworker. I thought that the students online would be missing out by being at home, and not in person, but they had the opportunity to participate in discussions as much as the students in the class. Carlos did a great job at engaging both the online and in-person students.”
~  Raquel Baca-Tompson, SFCC student pursuing an Associates Degree in Human Services

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