SFCC Snapshot: Marisol Trevizo-Carlos

“One of the things we learned in my Community Health Worker Certification class was about mindful self-regulation, which is about practicing being centered and being calm, even as things are happening. I really put these things into practice when everything changed suddenly. Our class talked about how to become a home visitor, so we talked about what it means to help families and what are the best ways to help families. After the class, I became a home visitor with United Way and right now, it’s very interesting because we’re helping people virtually, which is a challenge but years ago we didn’t have the ability to do that. I did learn that I was more resilient than I thought I was and that if I put my heart into it, I could really adapt to changes more quickly than I used to. Even though this pandemic has really turned everybody’s life around, it has also brought back some aspects that we’ve forgotten, such as being more present with others, more kind, more willing to help and being with family.”
~ Marisol Trevizo-Carlos, Community Health Worker student

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