SFCC Snapshot: Lorri Sweat

“My internship was at the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department, and there was no online module for me. It started in January and I went every Wednesday and worked with the Crime Scene Technician. I loved every minute of it. She had given me a syllabus for the class, so I knew what to do each week and she was going to give me exams. In the middle of March, with covid, everything was done. I was considered nonessential at the County…I didn’t want to quit my internship because I was halfway done, I wanted the grade, and I wanted the experience. Working with PILAS coordinator Ya’el Chaikind and my advisor, we decided that I just needed someone to check my work. I ended up creating my own mock crime scenes, and then I had to photograph them as if I were a Crime Scene Technician and write the mock police reports. It was super fun. My neighbor helped me. She played like she was a dead body. Of course, we had masks on. Then I texted my instructor Jerry Archuleta, who’s retired law enforcement, and he called me immediately. I said I needed someone to review my work for my internship and he said he’d help with whatever I need. My work got 100 on everything. That’s what’s great about the college—no matter where you are, no matter what you need, somebody is there to help. You just have to ask.” ~ Lorri Sweat, on track to receive an associate degree in Criminal Justice in May 2021

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