SFCC Snapshot: Joana Miranda

“I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was a little kid. I started my teaching classes this semester in SFCC’s Teacher Education program, and it’s been interesting to learn how teachers affect students. I know some people who have had bad experiences with teachers, and that gives me more motivation to become a teacher and to learn how what I do affects my students. I want to teach at the elementary school level so I can teach students all kinds of subjects. I really appreciate the support of my teachers in the Teacher Education program. This semester I also started working at SFCC’s TRIO, a program that helps low-income students, first generation students and students with disabilities. We’ve had online workshops and student services through the pandemic. We’ve been helping with scholarships, budgeting workshops, cultural activities and cyber cafes just to keep everyone social. I work at the front desk and it’s helped me with the social aspect of being out there and making friends with students and people I don’t even know. It really helps me with my social skills. TRIO is a great resource because you connect with others. We have tutors who are helpful and it’s a small environment, so it makes it really comfortable to be with other people. The cultural activities are a great way to get distracted from everything going on in the world right now” ~ Joana Miranda, pursuing an AS degree in SFCC’s Teacher Education program

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