SFCC Snapshot: Ezra Estes

“My courses have always been online, and every single course in the fashion program has had online support from John Gorman, an amazing guy who provides the best support that I’ve had from anybody. So I didn’t have a huge transition to get things going. But it was tremendously difficult because what might have been three hours in laboratory turned into eight hours developing into something that I could truly teach from. It tripled the workload. Pretty much at the same time that I was finishing the spring semester online, I was making medical gowns for Christus St. Vincent {Hospital}, in SFCC’s Fashion Lab, wearing a mask of course. I have to give credit to Art on Campus Director Linda Cassel. We made about 100 PPE nylon gowns with acrylic cuffs and twill tape ties—these gowns are built to last! The beautiful thing is, I got a 5-thread overlock from Pegasus, a top-of-the-line sewing machine and it’s crazy fast. I’m getting ready to make more PPE—it may be gowns; it may be masks. I still have students who are trying to get everything completed. We have a long list of classes in the fall and hopefully they will get their degrees done and move on. In the meantime, I extended the spring semester of 2020, so my students can access what they need to have. And they all have my cell phone number, so we’re staying connected as best we can.”
—Ezra Estes, Lead Instructor in Fashion Design

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