SFCC Snapshot: Cristina Kline

“I’ve always loved science. Ever since I was little, I’ve been fascinated by the world of science and I’ve always loved the culture of science. I’m in a pre-forestry program right now, but I might double major and do biological sciences. There’s just so much to learn, and it’s so hard to pick one route. I’ve been on and off school for a very long time. I started at SFCC in 2013 going for my associate degree in Biological Science, but then I left to start my own cleaning business with my husband. I came back in 2019, and I took Lenny Gannes’ Environmental Science class, which is incredible. It’s insightful, enlightening and powerful, because we talk about things you don’t normally talk about, including the pandemic, oil, poverty. It really opens up your mind. He would do assignments about your carbon footprint or how much water you use, and because of what we learned, I’ve changed a lot of my habits. It was an asynchronous class, with recorded lectures. My Intro to Ecology and Field Biology class with Janie Chodosh was also an asynchronous online class, but she would have field assignments, so we had to go the mountains and look at lichen on trees. Doing that actually turned me into a birder! Three of us from the class had a little study group, so we didn’t have to do it alone. We were safe and well-masked, and we would get together at a park. It was nice to feel somewhat normal, and to keep a little bit of a social aspect to our lives. Definitely what keeps bringing me back to SFCC are the teachers. When you have teachers who are so inspiring and motivating and you can see their passion for transferring knowledge, I think that’s beautiful. Scientific knowledge gives you a different perspective. It opens your eyes. I’m so grateful for my teachers and for the school community. After I took her class, Janie encouraged me to become a tutor. I’m tutoring Intro to Ecology and Field Biology five hours a week via Zoom. It’s my first time tutoring, and it’s a gift, helping other people.” 
~ Cristina Kline, student, SFCC Pre-Forestry

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