SFCC Coronavirus Closure Faculty FAQs


Need help submitting your proof of vaccination? You can visit Room 209 (located on the SFCC West Wing) M-F, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you are unable to come to campus, please email vaxaid@sfcc.edu or covid@sfcc.edu.

SFCC employees (faculty, staff, adjunct faculty, student workers) who work for the college entirely online and do not come onto campus are not required to submit proof of vaccination or an exemption. If these individuals are required to come onto campus for any reason, however, they are required to abide by the SFCC vaccine requirement. A remote worker who DOES have to come on campus for any of their job duties cannot use vaccination status to avoid those on-campus duties.

The SFCC FastPass/VaxPass are no longer valid forms of proof of vaccination. You must upload your proof of vaccination using the SFCC Health Screener App.

  • Required COVID-19 Testing
    Individuals who have a pending or approved Religious or Medical exemption from receiving the vaccine are required to submit to weekly Covid-19 testing.
  • Who does this apply to?
    SFCC students and employees who have a pending or approved Religious or Medical exemption or accommodation from the vaccine requirement are subject to regular COVID testing and must provide proof of a negative Covid-19 PCR test every seven calendar days.
  • What tests are accepted?
  • Only PCR or NAAT tests will be accepted.  Mail-order PCR saliva tests are acceptable. In-home or rapid antigen tests are not acceptable for meeting the testing requirement.
  • Where do I get tested?The Covid tests will be at the expense of the student or employee.  Please view this NMDOH testing and screening site for testing resources.
  • Where do I report my results?Employees and students must submit their test results to…(Needs to be Determined) as soon as they are received, but no later than Friday each week. Proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test is due every seven (7) calendar days.
  • What if my test results are Positive?If you test positive, you should quarantine yourself, report your positive diagnosis using instructions available on SFCC’s contact tracing site.

All SFCC students and employees are required to be vaccinated to attend the FEC after the vaccine requirement has gone into effect. In addition, drop-in visitors to the FEC must provide proof of vaccination to FEC welcome staff when checking in.

Yes. Because the Pfizer vaccine has been granted full FDA approval, the only permitted exemptions from the vaccine requirement after January 6, 2022 will be for health conditions or religious beliefs. Any unvaccinated faculty, staff, or tenant remaining unvaccinated is required to request an exemption, refer to “Exemption Requirements and Requests” on https://www.sfcc.edu/covid/vax-requirement/

Yes, all faculty and staff are required to be vaccinated, even if they have already had COVID-19.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to be vaccinated as soon as possible to avoid not meeting the vaccine requirement deadline. Faculty and staff who are not able to meet the vaccination deadline due to a recent COVID-19 diagnosis are required to get vaccinated as soon as they have met the appropriate window of time following their COVID-19 diagnosis.

SFCC will not make public the vaccination status of students, faculty or staff.

Yes. You are not automatically exempt from the vaccination requirement, refer to “Exemption Requirements and Requests.” on https://www.sfcc.edu/covid/vax-requirement/

Tell the students that they need to stay home and avoid contact with other people. They should contact their medical provider, or call the 24-hour New Mexico Department of Health hotline at 1-855-600-3453. Reassure the student that they will be given an opportunity to make up missed work (Per your course outline.) and let them know that the SFCC Contact Tracing Nurse will be contacting them to help them return to campus /class as soon as possible. Please view SFCC’s Contact Tracing and Rapid Response Procedures and Call Tree on Page 6.

You can submit an OIT ticket by emailing oitservicesupport@sfcc.edu. Make sure to provide a cell/ home phone for contact number.

Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps are available to students and faculty during the school closure.  Follow the instructions at https://www.sfcc.edu/access-to-adobe-cloud-during-covid-19-shutdown/.

You can submit an OIT ticket by emailing oitservicesupport@sfcc.edu. Make sure to provide a cell/ home phone for contact number.

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NEW! Moving Online Now: How to Keep Teaching During Coronavirus

Canvas Hotline: 1-833-250-2079

Online Teaching and Learning: 505-428-1166 or otl@sfcc.edu

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Yes, if they wish to.  However, please be advised that meeting in public places is not consistent with CDC recommendations to limit social environs.

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Online Teaching and Learning: 505-428-1166 or otl@sfcc.edu

Contact OIT at 505-428-1222.

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Use the Modern Language Association (MLA) helpful resource, “Bringing Your Course Online” at https://teachingresources.hcommons.org/.

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Please contact your dean or associate dean.
Julia DeislerColleen Lynch and Jim Wysong. You may also contact the Office of Online Teaching and Learning at otl@sfcc.edu.

Currently, food service is unavailable. 

Yes, the campus is now open and students are allowed to eat on campus, but please take precautions to keep yourself and our community safe. See Student on-campus protocol

The SFCC Library is now open and is prepared to offer many of our services virtually. Check the Library website for ongoing services. Reach out to the library if you need assistance: library@sfcc.edu or 505-428-1352.