SFCC Coronavirus Closure Faculty FAQs


My internet is slow, what can I do to make it faster?
Here is an article by Intel on improving wi-fi speed: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/tech-tips-and-tricks/how-to-increase-wifi-speed.html

I have questions about setting up my online class. Who do I contact?
Please contact your dean or associate dean.
Camilla Bustamante and Julia Deisler, Jenny Landen, Colleen Lynch and Shalimar Krebs. You may also contact the office of Online Teaching and Learning at otl@sfcc.edu.

Are there online resources available? Use the Modern Language Association (MLA) helpful resource, “Bringing Your Course Online” at https://teachingresources.hcommons.org/

Do you need a laptop? Do you need help setting up your vpn?
Contact OIT at 505-428-1222.

How do I reach SFCC Online Teaching and Learning Department?
Online Teaching and Learning: 505-428-1166 or otl@sfcc.edu

Are faculty allowed to meet with students off campus at places such as a cafe, a common community area, or at their home? 
Yes, if they wish to.  However, please be advised that meeting in public places is not consistent with CDC recommendations to limit social environs.

What instructions does Canvas offer?
Canvas links:

How do I publish my course?

How do I edit a Page? (Useful for editing the Homepage template.)

How do I add a video link?

How do I add a file link? (Remember to have your Syllabus up!)

How do I create a Module?

How do I publish a Module?

How do I add an Item to a Module?

How do I create an Assignment?

How do I create a Quiz?

How do I create a Discussion?

How do I publish an Assignment? (Same process for Quizzes, Discussions, & Files)

How I use the Gradebook?

How do I use the SpeedGrader?

How do I reach SFCC Online Teaching and Learning Department?
Online Teaching and Learning: 505-428-1166 or otl@sfcc.edu

Where can I find additional help?
NEW! Moving Online Now: How to Keep Teaching During Coronavirus

Canvas Hotline: 1-833-250-2079

Online Teaching and Learning: 505-428-1166 or otl@sfcc.edu

What if I need administrative permission to download test bank or textbook resources?

You can submit an OIT ticket by emailing oitservicesupport@sfcc.edu. Make sure to put a cell/ home phone for contact number.

How-to videos on using Canvas:

Online Teaching and Learning YouTube Channel

Canvas Video Guides

Canvas (written) Guides

I need access to Adobe Creative Cloud.  How can I access Adobe products during the shutdown?
Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps are available to students and faculty during the school closure.  Follow the instructions at https://www.sfcc.edu/access-to-adobe-cloud-during-covid-19-shutdown/.

What about the library? 
The SFCC Library is here to support you. The library is prepared to offer many services virtually. The library staff have created a webpage of SFCC library resources that may be especially helpful during this time:  SFCC Library Coronavirus Dashboard.  Check the Library website for ongoing services.

Reach out to the library if you need assistance: library@sfcc.edu or 505-428-1352.