SFCC celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day, Oct. 14, 2019

SFCC Indigenous Club attends inaugural event at Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Participants in the festivities at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center included: Thomasinia Gallegos Ortiz, Nalini Sosa, Lee Standing Elk, Bernadette Gonzales, Brooke Gondara, Rusty Rodke, Danielle Gonzales and Marvin Gabaldon.

Dance groups participated at the inaugural event.

Marvin Galbadon at the Spirit of Writing Art (SOW) and Justice Collective Reading.

Tyrone Wright participated in SOW reading in the library. He holds up a painting by cartoonist Ricardo Caté.

SFCC student Leonore (Lee) Standing Elk at the SOW reading on Oct. 14..

SFCC Associate Dean Brooke Gondara at the SOW reading.

The Indigenous  Peoples Club attended the state’s inaugural Indigenous Peoples Day celebration at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque. Read more about the inaugural event in the Albuquerque Journal.

The club joined with the Spirit of Writing (SOW) Art and Justice collective for readings in the library from 4 to 6 p.m. on Oct. 14, 2019.  Read a related story in the Santa Fe Reporter.