SFCC Celebrated Head Coverings Around the World

SFCC Celebrated Head Covernings Around the World

Santa Fe Community College students, faculty, staff and members of the community celebrated Head Coverings from Around the World on Jan. 31.  Head coverings are an important part of fashion and dress in many faiths and cultures; and among all genders.

People got to try on headcoverings (including hijab and jilbab), as well as other head coverings as part of World Hijab Day.

This event was sponsored by the President’s Diversity Advisory Committee (PDAC).
For more information contact PDAC Chair Aamna Nayyar.

Here are some comments that people wrote after trying the Head coverings:

  “I felt very comfortable wearing Hijab, as if I got an extra protection. Thank you.”

 “It was nice. It would be important to pick the right color.”

  “It was a nice experience, but I did feel like sister Bernita- not a bad thing necessarily.”

  “I really enjoyed it and it was really interesting. I like the culture and the meaning behind it. It was really meaningful. I wish woman would wear it more often.”

 “I feel like it is very nice. It is hot but after a while you wouldn’t notice it. It feels tight on your head.”

  “I feel, I would get very hot in it. It’s nice though because the colors are pretty and it can look very nice. Plus I feel like I would save so much time not having to do my hair in the morning !”

Thanks to ALL the organizers, sponsors, volunteers, supporters, and attendees. All attendees got the option to try the head covering from various parts of the world.  An educational bulletin board on the various head coverings was also well received by the attendees.

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