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The Santa Fe Literary Review (SFLR) is published annually by the Santa Fe Community College. An in-print literary journal, SFLR features work by local, national, and international writers and artists. We use Submittable, an online submissions platform, for all submissions. From June 1 to November 1 each year, we invite submissions of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and visual art. In recent issues, we’ve proudly featured the work of such writers as Tommy Orange, Layli Long Soldier, Kirstin Valdez Quade, and Darryl Lorenzo Wellington.

SFLR aims to promote a diverse range of writers and artists, and to present a wide variety of stories, styles, and cultural perspectives. We’re especially committed to promoting voices that aren’t always empowered in the publishing world, so if you’re a writer of color, an Indigenous person, a non-native English speaker, a female, a person with a disability, a member of the LGBTQIAPK+ community, a trauma survivor, or anyone else frequently silenced or ignored by the modern media, please submit.

Our submissions period opens June 1, 2022, and closes November 1, 2022. This year’s suggested SFLR theme is “Myth: Invention, Legend, and Lore.” SFLR accept submissions of poetry, dramatic writing, fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual art. SFLR responds to all submitters by December 15. If you haven’t heard word by then, feel free to email

Submit your work for free through Submittable, but first, please review the SFLR guidelines for prose, poetry and visual art.

For your copy of the SFLR, visit any of the three public library branches – Main Library, LaFarge, or South Side – on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday between 12:30 – 5 PM. Then, follow the instructions on the signage provided to safely obtain your copy.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please email us at



Kate McCahill, SFLR Faculty Advisor, Editor-in-Chief

Tintawi Kaigziabiher, SFLR Creative Non-Fiction Editor

Austin Eichelberger, SFLR Fiction Editor

Jade McLellan, SFLR Poetry Editor

Brittney Beauregard, SFLR Art Editor and Proofreader

This year’s student interns are A.J. Wood and Lilian Powers-Gold.

SFLR Editors Emeritus: Miriam Sagan, Holly Baldwin, Nancy Beauregard, Serena Rodriguez, Sudasi Clement, Isabel Winson-Sagan, Libby Hall, Lydia Gonzales, and Meg Tuite

ISSN 2834-0957 (Online Issue) | ISSN 2834-0949 (Print Issue)