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Hear Department Chair Stephen Gomez discuss the Sustainable Technologies program with KSWV’s Estevan Gonzales.


About the Program

A community is only as healthy as its water supply. Not many years ago, deaths related to unclean water were common. Water contamination continues to be a problem in many rural areas of New Mexico, partly because of insufficient wastewater treatment systems. Skilled water and wastewater system operators are critical to the health of all communities.

The water and wastewater technology training certificate program is designed both for those currently working in water and wastewater treatment and for those interested in entering this growing career field. If you’re already working, the classes will help you improve on-the-job skills. The program can raise your certification level, ensuring you better pay and increased job opportunities.

The American Water Works Association on job opportunities:

“The certified operator career is a very promising field. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics maintains that the average salary for water and wastewater treatment plant and system operators in 2015 was $44,790 USD per year.

In general, jobs within the water industry remain relatively less affected by changes in the economy than other industries. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics also notes that the job outlook between 2014-2024 is expected to grow 6%, requiring 7,000 additional operators.

Becoming a certified operator also offers individuals the opportunity to make a difference in society on a daily basis. Clean and safe water is essential to everyday life. Operators have the ability to regularly impact that need.”