With an Associate in Arts in Spanish Language from Santa Fe Community College, graduates can begin to communicate with native Spanish speakers from all over the world. Employment prospects are greater since the demand for people who are proficient in Spanish has increased substantially in the last decades. This demand is especially high in Santa Fe in the areas of tourism, health care, education and government. Spanish is an official language of New Mexico and bilingual employees often receive larger salaries than their non-Spanish-speaking counterparts.

Spanish classes offered

Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Spanish 4

Advanced Spanish and Hispanic Cultures
Conversational Spanish 1 & 2
World Languages Lab

Degrees or Certificates


Full-time Instructors
Aileen El-Kadi, Ph.D.

Department Chair of World Languages

Part-time Instructors

Diane McNab
Stephany Georgina Nevarez
Sonia Balasch
Martha Maffey-Meteer

For more information, please contact Aileen El-Kadi, Chair of World Languages, 505-428-1649, aileen.elkadi@sfcc.edu