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Continuing Education

Continuing Education

The classes in the Social Media Specialist pathway prepares you for jobs that utilize your video, media, design, social networking and customer service skills in targeting virtual communities and social networks. The classes are structure to be “stackable” in design. The package includes (4) technical skills-based classes that take you from the basics to applying your skills in the real-world and (1) copyright, media and society class that will take you through the ethical considerations that every social media expert needs to know. On completion of the five classes the SFCC Continuing Education department awards students a certificate of completion. Students taking the classes for academic credit also receive a certificate of completion and can also use these classes towards their degrees or certificates in film and media arts.


Introduces the basics of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Topics include audience, purpose, demographics, image creation in Canvas and Pic Monkey, obtaining and using stock images, review of successful social media campaigns and evaluation tools available, and management tools such as Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, Buffer, and Facebook scheduling.
Offered:Online (Canvas).
Tuesday, Jan. 16, 4 wks., Web
Develop your skills using the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
and introduces blogging. Topics include successful social media campaigning, optimum scheduling, third-party scheduling, advertising, boost posting, Google analytics and social media integration with websites. Create and utilize a WordPress site.
Offered: Online (Canvas).
Monday, Feb. 12, 4 wks., Web
Manage personal and business social media platforms and design campaigns that consider demographics,
analytics, and efficiency. Prepare for industry recognized exams that test your skills for the job market. Offered: Online (Canvas).
Monday, Mar. 5, 4 wks., Web
A capstone course in social media techniques. Create professional business social media platforms and design campaigns that consider demographics, analytics and efficiency. Build a professional portfolio to prepare for the job market.
Offered: Online (Canvas).
Wednesday, Apr. 4, 4 wks., Web
Exploration of national and global socio-economics as they apply to copyright, trademark, creative
commons and ethical considerations in the current world of internet media. Topics include the principles
of communications, ethics, law and the internet. Case studies are discussed to review current judicial
decisions and the trends that are affecting the entertainment and news industries in the United States.
Offered: Online (Canvas).
Tuesday, Jan. 16, 18 wks., Web