silver smithing

About the Program

Creating unique and finely crafted objects requires expertise in design and fabrication, as well as the marketing and entrepreneurial skills to succeed in the marketplace. The professional crafts program helps you learn how to create original designs and work with a variety of materials and professional tools & techniques.

An associate’s degree in Professional Crafts from SFCC will provide you with skills in one or more of the disciplines of Fine Woodworking, Ceramics or Jewelry.
As a student in the program, you’ll produce a portfolio that showcases your personal style for presentation to a prospective employer or allows you to launch your own business.

Career Opportunities

The entrepreneurial, design, and fabrication skills learned will help prepare you for a career as a professional artisan.

  • Ceramic artist
  • Cabinet maker
  • Fine furniture maker
  • Jeweler
  • Precious stone and metal worker
  • Sculptor

Degrees or Certificates