View a video about the printed arts featuring SFCC adjunct faculty,
Jennifer Lynch

About the Program

Printmaking is a way to make amazing marks on paper – marks that cannot be drawn or painted. Bring your drawing ideas, your love of painting and of course your photo skills. We have something for each of you; or if you are a beginning artist, this is a great way to jump in! Check us out…we promise you an exciting and creative art adventure!

“What is Book Arts?” is a frequently asked question. The great difficulty with this question is that a single definition for an artist book remains elusive despite the fact that Book Arts is becoming increasingly popular. Book art involves every possible type of book making, every possible form, every kind of shape and different degrees of durability.

The richness of an Artist’s Book as an art form comes from the wide spectrum of artistic activities from which it is drawn. Artists are given the opportunity to have their book be the vehicle of a concept; for example, the book may be made in the shape of a house or a piece of bread and the text and images incorporated to go with those ideas.

Likewise, the book could be a container for a collection of memories, art, prose or even a blank journal. We cover a variety of ways to sew books and book structures, including ways to get images and content onto your pages.