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About the Program

This one- semester program is for students wishing to learn phlebotomy. This program provides hands on training to become proficient in drawing and obtaining blood samples from a vein or capillary for laboratory analysis. The Phlebotomy program prepares  students to become eligible to take the National examination through the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). Graduates of the program are able to work as a phlebotomist or use phlebotomy skills in a variety of hospitals, care centers, or clinic settings. The program provides hands-on, competency-based technical education through classroom and laboratory instruction and practice. Training includes a study of basic phlebotomy: specimen collection, laboratory testing, and infection control in accordance with OSHA safety regulations and standards.

You will acquire patient communication skills, study anatomy and physiology, and come to understand legal and ethical patient considerations. The phlebotomist is responsible for the proper collection, processing, and waive testing of blood specimens and various patient excretions. If you are you a good communicator and detail-oriented person, you are compassionate and empathetic and have the  ability to stay calm in potentially stressful situations, the Phlebotomy Program is your passport into the medical field.

This is the only phlebotomy certificate program currently offered in Santa Fe, and you can complete the curriculum in one semester—only 16 weeks. Please see attached program application and requirements for admission.

Phlebotomy Program Application.


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