The student develops expertise, craftsmanship, and aesthetic skills in designing and creating jewelry, including learning the characteristics of metals and fine stones, silversmithing, refined stone-setting techniques, and advanced casting techniques.

Students learn to:

  • Design using 2-D and 3-D design skills demonstrating the capability to design wearable jewelry in silver and gold including set stones, as well as non-functional objects
  • Fabricate jewelry in silver and gold by means of sawing, filing, piercing, soldering, forming, finishing, and a wide range of other techniques necessary to the process
  • Perform casting procedures including wax modeling and carving, sprueing, investing, burn-out, pouring, and finishing
  • Create variety of stone setting techniques including bezel setting, prong setting. Flush, pav�, and bead setting
  • Create objects through silversmithing techniques, including, to form and shape metal with hammers by forging, sinking, raising, and bending and to be able to make dies and utilize the hydraulic die-forming methods

SFCC Jewelry Program in the News:

From the Santa Fe New Mexican“Immigrant couple crafting a jewelry business” 
Mayte Cárdenas and Jacinto Arriaga came from Mexico to Santa Fe 16 years ago with the dream of owning their own business. In order to make their dream come true, they began with Jewelry classes at SFCC. Read article in the Santa Fe New Mexican.