general studies

School of Trades, Advanced Technologies and Sustainability

About the Program

If you’re not sure what career you want to pursue, if you just want to advance your education without specializing, or even if you have plans for a particular job or field of study, the general studies program gives you a solid yet flexible educational foundation. It provides a broad educational base that helps expand your world and helps you develop critical thinking skills important to your professional future. The flexibility in the program gives you a chance to explore a variety of courses to discover your passion and capabilities in a specific field. It also allows you to design your own course of study, focusing on the field that interests you.

For more information, please contact the Information Desk, 505-428-1000,

Career Opportunities

  • Go to work right away
  • Complete your first two years of core classes
  • Go on to a university or four-year college to earn a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree