Gallery Management 
School of Art, Design and Media Arts

About the Program


Enroll in the Gallery Management Program to gain invaluable experience working in a premier Santa Fe museum or gallery.Through numerous partnerships with Santa Fe’s premier galleries and museums students can participate in an internship program that provides them with real-world career experiences and potential permanent employment in Santa Fe – the second largest gallery network in the United States. SFCC offers the only gallery management classes available in the region with hands-on instruction in the campus Visual Arts Gallery or at the college-run Red Dot Gallery on famous Canyon Road.

Through coursework and field experience, students are provided a comprehensive knowledge of gallery design, sales, marketing, Web applications and object care and handling. Students learn creative arrangement of art materials through hands-on practice in the college’s Visual Arts Gallery. Courses are offered in critical writing for the arts, collections care and issues that affect the contemporary gallery environment. In addition, you will meet and network with gallery owners, artists and curators, providing invaluable connections to further your career.

Career Opportunities

  • Gallery director
  • Art administrator
  • Designer
  • Art critic
  • Consultant or archivists
  • Art sales
  • Museum installations
  • Web design and image management
  • Collection database management