Distributed Energy Technologies and Systems

School of Trades, Advanced Technologies and Sustainability

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Program Overview

The electricity grid in the United States is outdated. It is based on century-old energy conversion and delivery concepts. Massive central power plants that provide energy in real time to distant loads are giving way to a more democratic and more biologically mimicking system that utilizes distributed energy sources in the distribution system and stores clean and inexpensive energy for use when and where it is needed. “Grid modernization” is the term used to describe this ongoing evolution of the grid.

This program will teach you how modern energy conversion and information technologies are being used to modernize the grid to create a system that will deliver resilient, reliable, flexible, secure, sustainable, and affordable electricity. Students gain a broad knowledge of the issues in the grid modernization, including topics like distributed energy, smart grids, and microgrids.

The program includes pathways for practicing and aspiring technical and business professionals who want to advance their careers in the energy field, as well as for students who want to enter the transforming electrical power sector as a competent technicians.

Career Opportunities


Computer Science


Energy contractors
Controls engineering technician
IT support for smart and microgrids


Energy developers
Energy contractors
Energy start-ups