About the Program

Imagine finding yourself in a world where your artistic vision can become a reality. Perhaps you want to build a life sized, fired, polychrome mythical figure, or an outdoor architectural, stabilized adobe abstract form. The challenges can be a daunting task, beginning with the formulation of a suitable clay body and creating a way to execute the construction of your unique vision. And finally, resolving the dilemma that haunts all budding clay artists, the surface, which sooner or later finds its way into every clay artist’s desire for completion.

Realize your artistic dream! There is assistance and support available for you here in our ceramics program with four highly trained ceramic artists. We are dedicated to the artistic growth of our students and with our combined knowledge united with an outstanding ceramics facility, can assist you in your quest.

Realizing your creative dream can become a reality. All it takes is commitment, hard work, and an iron clad tenacity inherent in all successful artists.

Instructors: James Marshall, Elizabeth Hunt, Craig Donalson, Francie Parker

For more information, please contact James Marshall, 505-428-1691, james.marshall@sfcc.edu