Presidential Search

You’ve reached the page for Santa Fe Community College’s current presidential search.

The deadline to apply for the position closed on November 17, 2018.

Applications are currently being reviewed.

The college will provide additional information on this page when updates are available.

Community Members
Judy Williams
Letitia Chambers
Pablo Sedillo
Rick Page

SFCC Foundation Board Members
Deborah Boldt
Rick Abeles
Patricia McNeil

Specialist Staff Expertise
Ernest Kavanaugh
Rebecca Estrada

SGA Representative
Naomi Bojorquez Flores

Staff Senate
Cori Bergen
Sandra Brinthall

Faculty Senate
Tomas Duran

Faculty Union
Bethany Carson
Leonard Gannes

Camilla Bustamante
Jeremy Lovato
Nick Telles
Yash Morimoto

Terence Donaldson – PSAC Chair
Donna Wells – PSAC Exec. Assistance

Governing Board
Linda Siegle PSCA Co-Chair
Martha Romero PSAC Co-Chair

View the original job application document.