Political Activity Policy Reminder

As election season gears up, we’d like to advise all employees to carefully review the college’s policy on political activities: Policy 8-2: Space Rental, Political Activity, Solicitation and Vending on Campus. In addition to outlining your rights as an employee, the policy also states the limitations on political activities by campus employees:

Political Activity

1. Political Campaigning: SFCC respects the rights of all employees and citizens to be informed and exercise their political privileges including, but not limited to the following:
i. Voting.
ii. ii. Seeking signatures on petitions or union cards.
iii. Seeking votes in any local, state or national election relating to either candidates or issues.
iv. Campaigning for candidates.
v. Running for and serving in public office.

2. Limitations on Political Activities by College employees:
i. Employees may not engage in political activities during work hours or use College resources for any political campaign for an individual candidate or organization.
ii. When engaged in political activities, individuals and groups within the College may acknowledge their College affiliations, but must clearly explain that they are speaking only for themselves and not as a representative of the College.
iii. No outward facing political signs may be posted on the windows of private offices or cubicles, and no political signs may be posted on the exteriors of College buildings or grounds.
iv. Campaign or other political material may not be distributed through campus mail or email.

College policies are posted online at All employees are expected to be familiar with college policies. Should you have any questions regarding policies in Section 8 Marketing and Public Relations, please contact Todd Lovato, Executive Director, Marketing and Public Relations, ext. 1217. For information on updating an existing policy or introducing a new one, contact Laura J. Mulry, ext. 1776.