7-2: Technology Equipment Renewal and Replacement

Policy Overview

Santa Fe Community College commits to providing the best information technology tools for students, faculty, and staff in order to ensure student success. Access to current technology is an integral part of the College’s administrative and academic computing needs. The systematic and consistent renewal and replacement of technological systems and equipment is essential to prevent obsolescence and to continually meet the needs of the College. This policy covers replacement and renewal of technology equipment and infrastructure.

Scope and Applicability

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) shall ensure the timely replacement of equipment – computers, servers, and other technology infrastructure. Computers and technologies used for classroom instruction, computing laboratories, and offices are covered by this policy.

Likewise, servers, network equipment, enterprise storage devices, printers, wireless access points, conference room audio-visual equipment, and other basic technologies are also covered by this policy.

This policy only applies to technology owned by Santa Fe Community College. Equipment owned and operated by partners and other third-party organizations or institutions located in the SFCC premises are excluded from this policy except otherwise stated in agreements and contracts between SFCC and the third-party institution.

Policy Statement

  1. Santa Fe Community College will annually renew and replace its technology equipment based on the following schedule:
    1. Laboratory and classroom computers – 4 years
    2. Employee computers – 5 years
    3. Servers for laboratory use – 5 years
    4. Servers for institutional support use – 4 years
    5. Enterprise storage devices 4 years
    6. Printers – 6 years
    7. Projectors and TVs – 6 years
    8. Thin clients shall be used during the useful life of the equipment.
    9. Network equipment under preventive maintenance shall be used for at least 7 years or until manufacturer support for the equipment ends, whichever comes first. An exception is if new network equipment is required to support new initiatives or projects.
    10. Wireless Access Points under preventive maintenance shall be used for at least 5 years or until manufacturer support for the equipment ends, whichever comes first.
  2. Computers and equipment acquired through a grant, an endowment, or a donation shall follow the same renewal and replacement cycle defined above except when the renewal and replacement is financed through the same grant or a new grant.
  3. OIT shall prepare annually a standard hardware specification for new computers purchased by the College. These specifications will be for Windows-based, Macintosh/Apple iOS, and Android systems. Exceptions to the standard specifications shall require approval from the area vice president and Chief Information Officer. OIT shall prepare specifications for the following computer systems:
    1. Desktop and laptop computers used in laboratories and classrooms, and computers available for student use (in consultation with deans, department chairs, directors, and/or faculty leads)
    2. Desktop and laptop computers used by employees (in consultation with their supervisors)
    3. College-financed tablets, pads, and other mobile devices.
  4. OIT shall include the cost of the required renewal and replacement of technology equipment in each fiscal year’s budget request.
  5. At the last Technology Council meeting for the academic year, the CIO, or designee, shall provide an inventory report of all SFCC technology equipment including a schedule for renewal and replacement to be covered in the next fiscal year’s budget. In case of limited funds, the Technology Council shall recommend a prioritization plan for renewal and replacement to the CIO and the Executive Team.

Statement of Accountability and Responsibility

The Chief Information Officer shall have the responsibility of implementing technology renewal and replacement upon recommendation of the Technology Council as approved by the Executive Team. OIT shall have the authority to replace computers and other technology equipment at times outside the renewal and replacement schedule should it be deemed necessary to improve delivery of technology resources required to meet academic and/or administrative needs and provided that appropriate funding is available.


  1. Approval of the Technology Council – October 24, 2013
  2. Approval of the Faculty Senate – November 8. 2013
  3. Approval of the Staff Senate – December 4, 2013
  4. Approval of the Executive Council – January 7, 2014
  5. First Reading of the Governing Board – January 28, 2014




SFCC Governing Board approved: 02/18/14

Associated Procedures