2-4: Student Services Policy

Policy Overview

This policy establishes and describes Santa Fe Community College’s (SFCC or College) support services and programs deemed vital to the success of individual students and their participation in and support from the College community.

Scope and Applicability

The policy outlines relevant and useful student services, comprehensive programming, and assistance that the College provides to meet the needs of all prospective and current students. This policy applies to all students.

Policy Statement

The College is committed to supporting students in meeting their academic goals and to enhancing retention and student success.


  1. Academic Advisor refers to a faculty member and/or a professional academic advisor. a. Faculty Advisors, in collaboration with professional advisors, cover all objectives of academic advising and concentrate on degree advising; provide academic advising and support to advisees in their discipline or school; and provide guidance and support to advisees in the work they do in their chosen major. b. Professional Advisors, in collaboration with faculty advisors, cover all objectives of academic advising and concentrate on support services; provide support to advisees in meeting their educational goals; and connect advisees with necessary resources.

Policy Process

  1. Admissions and enrollment standards shall be established in support of student success, shared academic and career goals, and an enriched teaching and learning community on campus (SFCC Policy 2-5 Admission of Secondary-School Students, SFCC Policy 2-7 Admission of International Students Policy).
  2. SFCC’s Student Affairs provides centralized, coordinated services that include but are not limited to admissions, student advising, counseling, educational and career planning, tutoring, academic support, and special support services. These services and programs are purposefully designed to provide for the educational, career, social, cultural, emotional, and recreational facets of student development and are available to prospective and current students.
  3. SFCC will provide prospective and current students with a list of services that outlines the many ways the College will support them in their education journey.
  4. SFCC will provide current students direct access to services in multiple modalities as well as throughout their academic journey.
  5. SFCC supports students by valuing the strengths and contributions of students from across all backgrounds, cultures, and identities, and commits to examining and addressing systemic biases to deliver respect, equity, and access for all.
  6. Student Services
    1. Academic Advising.
      1. Academic advising is an ongoing, intentional collaboration among students, faculty, and staff that empowers each student to succeed.
      2. SFCC will provide academic advising to prospective and current students (SFCC Policy 2-25 Mandatory Advising for New Degree- and Certificate-Seeking Students).
    2. Accessibility Services. SFCC shall make available accommodations and services for students with disabilities in compliance with federal laws and regulations.
    3. Campus Cupboard. SFCC is dedicated to addressing a student’s food insecurity by offering a well-stocked pantry with free food and other essential supplies to the SFCC community.
    4. Career Services. SFCC has a dedicated office that offers opportunities and tools to help students find a career, job, or internship, and to create a resume, prepare for interviews,
    5. Counseling Services. SFCC’s licensed professional counselors provide free, confidential support to students who may be experiencing personal, social, or academic challenges.
    6. Financial Aid. SFCC’s Financial Aid Office helps students to determine the financial assistance that they may be eligible for to cover the costs of attending college. Financial assistance may include student loans, grants, scholarships, work-study opportunities, and other assistance as may be available.
    7. Testing Services. SFCC offers a wide range of institutional and third-party testing programs and services to students and community members.
    8. Tutoring Center. SFCC provides free tutoring in multiple subjects during various days and times to currently enrolled students.
    9. Veterans Resource Center. SFCC has knowledgeable staff who provide information and resources that are available for U.S. military veterans, active duty personnel, and their dependents.
  7. Non-academic Appeals. SFCC provides assistance to students in resolving nonacademic matters (SFCC Policy 2-2 Student Corrective Action and Disciplinary Action, SFCC Policy 2-3 Student Concerns and Complaints).
  8. Student Government Association. The College maintains well-rounded student representation through an official governance group that represents the SFCC student body. Student Government Association members work to make a difference at SFCC by representing the student perspective to the administration and various governance groups. The Student Government Association encourages and advocates for student involvement and sponsors student events, programs, and leadership opportunities (SFCC Policy 2-18 Registered Student Organizations).
    1. The Student Government Association is the official governance groups that represents the SFCC student body.
    2. The Student Government Association has elected executive board, senate members, committees, and subcommittees.
    3. The Student Government Association is part of SFCC’s shared governance.
  9. Student Handbook. SFCC publishes a Student Handbook every year that contains College rules, policies, and information on available services for students.
  10. Student Conduct. The College has established a student code of conduct, providing for a safe, disciplined environment that is supportive of the educational processes (SFCC Policy 2-1 Student Code of Conduct. The College shall maintain a campus environment where individuals accept their obligations to the College community and behave in a manner supportive of the common good.  The code supports and respects the individuals rights and assures civility and safe and respectful learning environment.
  11. Student Engagement.
    1. The College organizes activities for students that enhance individual development, foster positive social interaction, advance education and learning, promote physical fitness, and provide personal enrichment.
    2. A representative body of student leaders may be organized to assist in coordinating student activities, affirming established traditions, and creating new traditions.
    3. All activities shall be registered by the College, and participants must be registered students and shall agree to abide by policies of the SFCC Governing Board and club rules (SFCC Policy 2-18 Registered Student Organizations).
  12. The College may establish additional support services for students as needs and funding are identified.

Statement of Accountability and Responsibility

The President, through the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, shall be responsible for enforcing student policies and procedures. The Associate Vice President for Student Affairs shall work with the different departments and offices to comply with this policy and to develop procedures that will enforce this policy regarding awareness, prevention, and remediation.


SFCC Policy 2-1 Student Code of Conduct

SFCC Policy 2-2 Student Corrective Action and Disciplinary Action Policy

SFCC Policy 2-3 Student Concerns and Complaints

SFCC Policy 2-12 Student Records

SFCC Policy 2-18 Registered Student Organizations

SFCC Policy 2-25 Mandatory Advising for New Degree- and Certificate-Seeking Students


SFCC Governing Board approved: 3/4/93

Revised and SFCC Governing Board approved: 10/28/15

Revised and SFCC Governing Board approved: 1/25/2023