2-9: Readmission of Academically Suspended Students – Procedures


  1. The applicant for readmission submits a petition to the Director of Admissions.
  2. The Admissions Committee considers each request No student may enroll after the class has begun and the drop had period for that class has ended.
  3. If the committee decides to readmit the applicant, a Readmission Decision form is completed and given to the student, who must deliver it to the registrar.
  4. If the committee denies readmission, the appropriate space on the Readmission Decision form is checked before the form is signed and given to the student.
  5. The Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs may override the decision of the Admissions Committee for special circumstances.
  6. Students may appeal the decision of the Admissions Committee and/or the decision of the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs if their cases meet the criteria for appeal as stipulated in Policy 2-21, Appeal of Academic To file appeals, students must adhere to the procedures described in Policy 2-21.


  1. No readmission application fee is required.
  2. The Director of Admissions chairs the Admissions Committee.
  3. One member of the counseling staff appointed by the Assistant Vice President for Academic Support and Student Retention serves on the committee.
  4. Three faculty members (as well as other instructional staff, if needed) appointed by the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs serve on the committee.

Updated: 8/7/03

Policy 2-9

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