8-8: Public Website Management – Procedures

The purpose of the Santa Fe Community College website is to provide access to online and mobile users who wish to obtain information about the college, its programs and services. The website is considered an official college publication in electronic format, which communicates the vision, mission, aims and philosophy of the college.

The purpose of these procedures is the following:

  • To establish standards of conformity and good practice for official pages posted on the SFCC website.
  • Ensure proper use, accuracy and consistency and best-practice standards by faculty, staff and students.
  • Establish procedures for the management, maintenance and oversight of college website and related web properties.

Oversight and Maintenance

  • All public website content, its naming, menu structure and placement on the public website is overseen and managed by the Marketing and Public Relations Department in cooperation with members of SFCC programs, departments and administration.
  • MPR is responsible for monitoring content of uploaded pages, training users in use of CMS and software for building and uploading pages, and responding to questions about the content and design.
  • MPR will review the website for accuracy, currency and compliance with SFCC website policies and guidelines and withholds the power to make changes as needed.
  • SFCC programs and departments are encouraged to work collaboratively with MPR in developing their web pages. MPR will provide training and consultation to those interested collaborators. Information drafted or changed by web collaborators may be reviewed by MPR before changes are made public.
  • MPR does not maintain MySFCC, Banner, Canvas or other third-party online platforms that may be used by SFCC departments or programs.

Acceptable Use and Copyright, and Privacy

  • Use of an official SFCC web page must be consistent with SFCC’s mission and goals. All users are expected to provide materials that are consistent with federal and state law and college policies and established procedures. Users are expected to provide materials that are high in quality, are technically complete and adequate to the purpose, and provide information that results in a benefit to the college.
  • Use of copyrighted material or intellectual property without the original user’s knowledge and permission is not allowed. Proper permissions must be obtained and cleared with MPR before using any copyrighted material on an SFCC. Failure to provide appropriate permission will result in the content being removed from the SFCC website, as well as possible fines and legal action from the individual or organization whose material was violated.

Design Consistency

  • Santa Fe Community College has adopted a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) that provides for design consistency throughout the website. All web pages must conform to CMS standards and templates. Acceptable specifications are available from MPR.
  • SFCC web pages must follow existing college policies and procedures concerning the use of the college logo and colors.

Links, Personal Pages and Commercial Advertising

  • All links to external sites must be appropriate to the mission and purpose of the college and must be properly approved by MPR and head of program or department.
  • Commercial advertising or commercial use of pages is not allowed on the SFCC website.

Ongoing Review

  • Programs and department members are responsible for the accuracy and currency of their web content. They are encouraged to check links on regular basis to check for dead links, missing pages and unacceptable links, and to communicate with MPR about changes in personnel or program/department specifics.

Statement of Accountability and Responsibility

MPR is responsible for assuring these procedures are maintained and implemented. MPR and the Office of Information Technology reserve the right to remove or refuse server uploads for any programs, HTML documents, graphics, audio, video, forms, or data that do not comply with the SFCC policies or guidelines, or create site instability. When opinions differ on the appropriateness of materials or a page’s compliance to these policies and guidelines, differences will be resolved through appropriate supervisory channels.

Updated: (9/27/2016)

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