8-8: Public Website Management

Policy Overview

This policy governs the presentation, responsibilities and management of public websites for Santa Fe Community College (SFCC or College).

Scope and Applicability

This policy applies to content, design and maintenance of SFCC public websites. All those who manage content on the College websites are required to adhere to this policy. Certain sections must be in compliance with accreditation and federal requirements related to the Higher Learning Commission Criteria for Accreditation and in compliance with Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. Management of related information technology resources are addressed in Policy Section 7.

Policy Statement

This policy establishes that the primary responsibility for oversight of the top levels of the SFCC official websites rests with the Marketing and Public Relations Department (MPR). The primary purpose of the SFCC main website ( is to provide online information about the College, its programs and services, in particular to current and prospective credit and noncredit students. The SFCC website also functions to inform, encourage and persuade individuals to seek higher education in the context of a comprehensive community college setting.


  1. Main Website Main Website: The main website is located at
  2. Official SFCC Websites and Pages Faculty, staff, department or student organization websites and/or pages that are created for and/or represent the programs, services and activities of SFCC. These pages are considered SFCC publications and must adhere to the same standards and publishing criteria and policies as all SFCC publications (Policy 8-1 College Branding).
  3. Public Website Any website or webpage that officially represents the College and/or resides on a College-managed server.
  4. Top Levels of the Official Websites are the ones that establish the public image of the college and are maintained exclusively by MPR. There are lower tiers of responsibility where departments can make changes on their respective pages.

Policy Process

A. Management and Oversight

1. MPR oversees website content with guidance from College programs, schools and offices.
2. MPR will review content for accuracy, currency and compliance with policies and guidelines and may make changes as needed.
3. Where appropriate, SFCC schools, offices and departments are encouraged to assign at least one person to help develop and maintain their web content.

B. Acceptable Use, Copyright and Intellectual Property

1. Use of an official SFCC web presence must be consistent with the mission and goals of the College. Content posted on SFCC websites represents SFCC, not individual employees or students. All users must provide materials that are consistent with federal and state law and College policies and established procedures.
2. Use of copyrighted material or intellectual property without the original user’s knowledge and permission is not allowed (Policy 3-16 Intellectual Property and Copyrights). Proper permissions must be obtained and cleared with MPR before using copyrighted material. Trademarks are the property of their owners and must be used by permission. It is the responsibility of the user to determine that there is a clear legal right to use the information. Failure to provide appropriate permission will result in the information being removed from the website.
3. SFCC websites and all pages must follow all existing privacy policies and laws.

C. Design Consistency

1. All websites and pages must conform to SFCC standards and templates and must follow college policies concerning the use of official college branding (Policy 8-1 College Branding).
2. MPR oversees content and design of the main site,, and other official sites including,
3. Creation of new College websites or pages must be approved by MPR.

D. Links to External Sites. All links to external sites must be appropriate to the mission and purpose of the College.

E. Advertising, Sponsorship and Underwriting. The acknowledgment of underwriting partners, donors and sponsors is allowed, but must be approved by MPR on a case-by-case basis. Use of the College website to advertise commercial non-college-related messages is not allowed.

Statement of Accountability and Responsibility

The President, through the Chief Communications Officer/Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations and the MPR Department, shall be responsible for enforcing MPR procedures and policies. MPR shall work with the different departments and offices to comply with this policy and develop procedures that will enforce this policy regarding awareness, prevention, and remediation.


Higher Learning Commission and Title V Provision for those things that are required by accreditation or regulation.
Policy 8-1: College Branding
Policy 3-16: Intellectual Property and Copyrights


SFCC Governing Board approved: 8/24/16

Associated Procedures