1-27: Naming

Policy Overview

This policy sets the parameters for working with the Santa Fe Community College Foundation in determining the naming of College facilities, space and faculty endowed chairs.

Scope and Applicability

The Board is responsible for the policy.  The Santa Fe Community College Foundation may request the Board act on a substantial contribution made by any member of the community.


  1. Substantial contribution is any donation of $1,000,000 or more or a contribution that significantly advances an educational program of the College and will be coordinated through the Foundation.
  2. Naming refers to assigning the name of a donor or contributor or an organization to a faculty, space or faculty assignment, i.e. endowed chair.
  3. Endowed chair refers to the assignment of a faculty position in a particular department that uses the donation to pay for the appointment and salary of the faculty member. The donation and salary may be in perpetuity or for a specified time frame usually three or more years.

Policy Statement

SFCC retains the authority to determine the decisions and criteria related to naming College facilities, space or endowed faculty chairs. It will work with the Santa Fe Community College Foundation to set guidelines for naming assets of the College campus and/or actions when those are the result of a substantial monetary gift or memorial or tribute to donors.

Policy Process

The Governing Board:

  1. Retains the sole authority to name a facility or service of the college.
  2. Recognizes the role of the Santa Fe Community College Foundation is fund raising and seeking donors to benefit the College and will work collaboratively with the Foundation Board in seeking funds and determining naming policy directives.
  3. Will entertain any request of the Foundation regarding naming College property or services.
  4. Will retain the multi-use purpose of any college property.
  5. Reserves the honor for donors who represent and embrace the values and mission of the College and are of recognized accomplishment and character.
  6. Retains the right to remove or replace the name assigned to a facility should a significant change in the circumstances of the donor occur.
  7. Acknowledges that naming does not mean the College or the Foundation agrees with the philosophy of the donor or business practices of the donor.

Statement of Accountability and Responsibility

The President and the Director of the Foundation have responsibility for bringing these opportunities to the Board for approval after consultation with the Santa Fe Community College Foundation.



  • Original approval date by GROW Board Members: 9/17/08
  • Original approval date by Governing Board: 10/23/08
  • Revised: 6/24/10
  • Approved by GROW/Santa Fe Community College Foundation: 6/8/10
  • Approved by Governing Board: 7/29/10
  • Revised and SFCC Governing Board approved: 9/16/14