1-4: Governing Board Code of Conduct

Policy Overview

This policy describes the Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) Governing Board (Board) members’ commitment to maintaining and adhering to professional ethics.

Scope and Applicability

This policy outlines the ethical and professional obligations of SFCC’s Board members and is applicable to all Board members, including both ex officio and voting Board members.

Policy Statement

In fulfilling its fiduciary and educational responsibilities all Board members have a duty to put the appropriate amount of time, energy, study and collaboration to the work of the Board; to put College interests above personal interests; to promote and be guided by SFCC policies; and to honor the values of objectivity, confidentiality and diligence in decision-making.


  1. Ex Officio Member of the Governing Board refers to the President and the Student Government Association representative, who by position are non-voting members of the Governing Board.
  2. Voting Governing Board Member member is an elected or duly appointed member of the Governing Board.

Policy Process

Board members shall:

  1. Devote time, thought, and study to the duties and responsibilities of membership for the purpose of rendering effective and accountable service (Policy 1-2 Governing Board Authority, Roles and Responsibilities).
  2. Work with fellow Board members in a spirit of harmony and cooperation, and respect diversity in spite of differences of opinion that arise during vigorous debates of issues.
  3. Direct all requests for information from administration through the Board Chair, the President or during Board meetings.
  4. Maintain the confidential nature of Board deliberations held in closed session, including written and verbal communication.
  5. Serve the public trust and fulfill their responsibilities ethically in a manner consistent with that obligation. Decisions are to be made solely to promote the best interests of the College and Board members will disclose personal, familial, business relationships, or other potential conflicts of interest as stated in Policy 1-3 Governing Board Conflict of Interest.
  6. Hold confidential information learned as a Board member and avoid using such information for financial gain.
  7. Distinguish between personal opinion or personal positions and the official position taken by the Board and uphold the decisions made by a majority of the Board.
  8. Collaborate with other Board members to address any possible or apparent violations of this code through an open, respectful and diligent process.

Statement of Accountability and Responsibility

It is the responsibility of each individual Board member to abide by this policy and to question any member who appears to be deviating from it.


New Mexico Administrative Code, Title V
SFCC Policy 1-2 Governing Board Authority, Roles and Responsibilities
SFCC Policy 1-3 Governing Board Conflict of Interest
SFCC Policy 1-31 Board Financial Oversight


SFCC Governing Board approved: 5/24/07
Revised and SFCC Governing Board approved: 9/16/14
Revised and SFCC Governing Board approved: 8/22/18