3-18: SFCC Credit for Prior Learning and Prior Learning Assessment – Procedures

Procedures Purpose This policy serves to help increase student retention and reduce time toward degree completion. SFCC recognizes that students may gain college-level knowledge through life and work experience outside of traditional academic settings. SFCC also recognizes that there are skills that are acquired through job-related or life experience that are applicable to prior learning assessment. Students who have obtained an industry standard, state or nationally recognized credential, official military transcript or have completed other measures of competence are qualified to apply for credit for prior learning. These procedures provide general guidance and a template for implementing the policy with respect to each department or school establishing their own internal procedures that work best for each course of study.

This template is for both Credit for Prior Learning and Prior Learning Assessment. The department or school can choose to use one or both of the procedures templates, and adjust the procedures as needed for their specific course of study. It is recommended that those internal procedures be developed with involvement from the Dean, the Subject Matter Expert and the Program Director or Department Chair.

Contact: Margaret Peters, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs 505-428-1372,margaret.peters@sfcc.edu

Samantha Barela, Associate Professor, Emergency Medical Services Institute 505-428-1631,samantha.barela@sfcc.edu

Updated: 3/2/17

Credit for Prior Learning Procedure Flow Chart

Credit for Prior Learning, Prior Learn Assess

See for example Policy 3-16