1-25: Board Travel, Compensation and Educational Benefit

Policy Overview

The Governing Board of Santa Fe Community College Travel and Compensation Policy includes the Board’s decision to limit reimbursement for meetings to no more than two meetings in any one month, unless specific exceptions are approved by the Board. (10-8-1 NMSA 1978 et seq.). It governs Per Diem for Attendance at Board Meetings, costs and Per Diem for Travel, Out-of-State Travel, and Educational Benefits.

Scope and Applicability

This policy applies to all Governing Board members.


1. The Act means the Per Diem and Mileage Act (10-8-1 NMSA 1978 et seq.), or successor statute.
2. Actual Travel Expenses means reimbursement for the actual amounts incurred by the Board Member for lodging and meals during travel, capped at the maximum rates allowed pursuant to the Act.
3. Applicable Per Diem Rate means the maximum reimbursement rates allowed pursuant to the Act. Maximum rates of reimbursement in this policy shall automatically increase when they are increased in the Act.
4. In-State Travel shall have the meaning assigned in SFCC Travel Expenses and Reimbursement procedures and is the same for the Board and for all SFCC employees.
5. Out-of-State Travel shall have the meaning assigned in SFCC Travel Expenses and Reimbursement procedures and is the same for all SFCC employees.

Policy Statement

This policy sets the process to be used in determining reimbursement for Board member instate
and out-of-state travel and other benefits that accrue to Board members while they are
serving as public officials in their capacity as Governing Board members. It requires that the
Board include in the budget related board expenditures.

Policy Process

A. Travel

The Board will:

  1. Annually establish its meeting and travel priorities, as part of the College budget process including attendance at national meetings and other meeting in support of
    the College. No board member may receive compensation in any form from the College except for approved expenses for travel and per-diem.
  2. Announce college related Board Member travel publicly for any out of state travel. In critical or emergency situations, the Chair may approve and report at the next
    board meeting.
  3. Ensure that all board members have an opportunity to participate in professional development or representational meetings in an equitable manner so that no one
    member takes advantage of the opportunity.
  4. Expect that any Board member who attends these meetings gives a full report at the next Board meeting so that all members benefit from what the attending board
    member learned.
  5. Set out of state travel reimbursement for mileage for out of state travel to the amount less than or equal to the cost of commercial coach airline travel.

B. Compensation

The Board will:

1. Establish a per diem rate for attendance at a maximum of two board meeting a month and may include telephonic meetings if a board member attends the
entire telephonic meeting.
2. Ensure purchases of alcoholic beverages are not included in reimbursement.
3. Provide prior approval at an open meeting for any deviation from this policy

C. Educational Benefits

The Board will:

1. Grants Board members the opportunity to register for one course, credit or
noncredit free of charge during the semesters in which they serve. No prior
approval is required.
2. Acknowledges that immediate family members of Governing Board
members are not eligible for this tuition waiver.
3. May approve tuition waivers for additional classes at the College, or agree to
reimburse Members for attending seminars, educational programs or classes
when the Board determines that it is in the best interest of the College and
sufficient funds are available.

Statement of Accountability and Responsibility

The Board of Trustees under the guidance of the Board Chair and the President will be responsible for the implementation of this policy.


Original approval date: 6/26/08
Revised and SFCC Governing Board approved: 9/16/14