4-48: Recognition and Awards – Procedures

Procedures for Policy 4-48

1. Office of Human Resources (OHR) will maintain record of all types of incentives and recognition programs and assist with promoting and provide required data as needed.

A. Peer-to-peer recognition program

i. Employees may come to OHR and fill out the recognition form or they may fill one out on the SFCC intranet system, MySFCC. The form must be hand delivered to OHR. Please note, recognition forms older than six (6) months from the date of selection will be ineligible for recognition.
ii. Recipients are selected at random every month.
iii. Certificate information for the peer-to-peer recognition program is sent to the Executive Director of Human Resources for signature. Recipients will receive a gift card and a pin.
iv. Recipients of the peer-to-peer recognition program are recognized on MySFCC and in the upcoming Governing Board meeting. Both the recipient and the nominator are invited to attend the Governing Board meeting.

B. Service awards

i. Categories for service awards include years of service at 5 year increments, rank advancement for faculty, NISOD recognition, and retirees.
ii. Service award recipients receive a pin.
iii. Those with 25+ years receive a gift in lieu of the pin.
iv. The service awards program also includes Excellence Award recipients and Team Award recipients.
v. Previous year recipients of the Excellence Award and Team Award will form a committee to select current year recipients based on guidelines established by OHR.
vi. Certificate information for service awards is sent to the Executive Director of Human Resources and the President for signature.
vii. Recipients of the Excellence Award and Team Award receive a monetary stipend from the Santa Fe Community College Foundation and a trophy.
viii. Recipients of the Excellence Awards are recognized on plaques displayed outside of the OHR office.

2. Requests to deviate from this format are submitted to the Office of Human Resources for consideration.

Contact: Terence  Donaldson
Executive Director of Human Resources

Updated:         5/16/17

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