6-2: Tuition and Fees – Procedures


A. Tuition and General Fees

1. Prior to May 1 each year, the president presents to the governing board a proposed operating budget for the coming fiscal year, including a recommendation for tuition and general fees.
2. By May 1 each year, the SFCC governing board reviews the president’s budget recommendations, including proposed tuition and fee charges, and takes formal action at a public meeting to establish the college’s operating budget for the next fiscal year.
3. Normally, action to change tuition and fees is not taken by the board except during the aforementioned budget-approval process.

B. Course Fees

1. The Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs (VP/ASA), after consultation with the Vice President for Finance and Administration (VP/FA), (a) recommends the establishment of course fees to the president at the time a course is created or (b) recommends changes in a fee for an existing course when the next year’s budget is submitted by the dean to the president.
2. The VP/ASA submits an explanation/justification for all requests for individual course fees, including the special per-student costs to be offset by the fee (for example, for consumable supplies in a laboratory course).
3. Revenue from individual course fees, though recorded as general revenue for the college, is redistributed during budget construction to individual departments to offset the special costs of particular courses.
4. Normally, changes are not made in individual course fees except during the budget- approval process.

C. Tuition and Fees for Noncredit Classes

1. Tuition and fees for noncredit classes are determined by what the market indicates is a fair price for these classes, combined with the costs for salaries for noncredit Faculty members. (See Policy 6-4, Salary Guidelines for Part-Time Noncredit Faculty members).
2. At least once each year, the Dean of Continuing Education and Workforce Development reviews tuition and fee charges with the president of the college.

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