7-5: Technology Advisory Committee – Procedures


Each fall the Chief Information Officer (CIO) will communicate with the constituent groups named in the policy to determine representatives for the year.

Communication Officer

Each fall TAC will appoint a Communication Officer (CO). This person will be responsible for ensuring meeting times, minutes and agendas are sent out to all members in accordance with this procedure. They will also be responsible for posting meeting times, minutes and agendas on MySFCC.


TAC meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month during the academic year. In the event that the meeting is scheduled on a holiday the meeting may be held on a different date, which must be agreed upon by the membership.

Meetings shall be run according to Robert’s Rules of Order.


The CO will request agenda items from the membership two weeks prior to each meeting. Agenda items must be received one week prior to the meeting. Agenda will be distributed to the membership and posted on MySFCC three days in advance of each meeting.

Meeting Minutes

The CO will appoint an individual to take meeting minutes. The meeting minutes will be distributed to the TAC membership and posted on MySFCC within a week of each meeting.


Fifty-five percent of the current membership represents quorum.


A simple majority is sufficient for the adoption of any motion.

Subcommittees and Taskforces

TAC may establish subcommittees and taskforces as needed.

Project Request Evaluation Subcommittee

The purpose of this subcommittee is to evaluate technology related project requests which require funding. The evaluation process and procedures will be managed and maintained by the OIT Project Office.

March 2016

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