6-12: Surveillance Cameras – Procedures

  1. A request to install security cameras:will be directed to the Facilities and Operations Office. Feasibility will be determined by a team consisting of a designated representative from the Facilities and Operations Office, Campus Safety and Security, Human Resources, the President and the Office of Information and Technology. This team will have final approval on all aspects of the installation of any security cameras on College property.
  2. Requests to view recorded footage:must start with head of Campus Safety and Security, who will inform the Vice President of Finance/CFO and President; together, they will decide the proper course of action. Never will one person be allowed to view footage. Footage may be viewed with the supervisor of Campus Safety and Security along with the appropriate level of personnel from the requesting department:
    1. Requests to view student footage would involve the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Associate Vice President of Student Success and/or the Director of the Testing Center.
    2. Requests to view employee activity would involve the Director of Human Resources.
    3. All requests from the public to view security footage must be processed through the Marketing and Public Relations Department in accordance with the Inspection of Public Records Act and other federal and state laws and legal processes addressing the disclosure of SFCC’s records.
    4. Live feeds in the Campus Safety and Security Office and the Testing areas are monitored periodically.
  3. Storage and Retention:
    1. Recorded surveillance camera data will be retained for a minimum of seven days to a maximum of 90 days, unless required for a continuing investigation of an incident.
    2. All recorded data will be stored on designated secured network video storage with secured and restricted access.
    3. Recorded data retained for investigation purposes will be strictly managed with limited access by the Campus Safety and Security Supervisor.
    4. The Campus Safety and Security Director will determine and track the schedule for erasing or destroying camera footage.
  4. Training:  The Campus Safety and Security Office is responsible for coordinating the training necessary to operate and monitor the surveillance system.

Contact:          Nick Telles, Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Updated:         July 2021