2-18: Registered Student Organizations Policy – Procedures

These procedures provide information and guidelines for students interested in establishing a club or organization at SFCC. All clubs must register with Office of Student Development and follow the steps and process described below.


  1. A club registration form can be obtained from the Office of Student Development and must be submitted to the Student Involvement Coordinator during the semester the club or organization wishes to be registered, according to the deadline schedule for the fall and/or the spring semesters. Deadlines must be met in order to become an official student club/organization. The form must be complete with all required information and signatures.
  2. The Student Involvement Coordinator approves or rejects the applications.

Rejection of Application

  1. If the Student Involvement Coordinator does not approve the application for registration, they will review the decision with the Director of the Office of Student
  2. Development and provide the applicant(s) with a copy of the written statement of the reasons for refusal. The applicant(s) may appeal according to the provisions of Policy 2-3 Student Concerns and Complaints.

Rights and Duties

  1. A registered club or organization is eligible to use College facilities under the provisions for student groups in Policy 5-4 Facilities Allocation, Use and Management Policy. In order to reserve through the Conference Services Office, an event form must be filled out completely and approved by the Student Involvement Coordinator. The approved form should then be submitted to Conference Services to reserve space.
  2. A registered club or organization may advertise or promote events, activities, or other functions with the assistance of the Student Involvement Coordinator.
  3. A registered club or organization is entitled to the use of the Office of Student Development Conference Room through a reservation process available in the Office of Student Development.
  4. The club or organization sponsor is expected to be knowledgeable of College policies, procedures and regulations. The sponsor must advise the student club or organization members if any activity will violate any policy, procedure or regulation of the college or if the activity may be hazardous to person or property.
  5. Officers and advisers must attend orientation and comply with SFCC policies and procedures in order to become an official club/organization.
  6. Members must vote and approve the use of club funds. These funds may not be used (seed/agency) to personally benefit one individual, creating a conflict of interest.

Fiscal Procedures

  1. Initial funding for student clubs and organizations is defined as “seed money.” These monies are allocated the semester the new club or organization status has been approved (fall and spring only), in accordance with required deadlines. Returning clubs or organizations that have a balance in their agency account at the end of the College fiscal cycle will have these monies available as a beginning balance for the new fiscal year starting with the fall semester.
  2. Seed money for clubs is funded through the Student Government budget process as a line item expense each year.
  3. Each active, registered club or organization receives $400 seed money. These funds are allocated from the Student Activities budget to the organization’s budget once a year.
  4. The Student Involvement Coordinator identifies the active, registered clubs and organizations and forwards that information via a BAR (budget adjustment request) to the budget director of the College.
  5. Seed monies reside in each club or organization’s Office Supplies account. Clubs or organizations wishing to reallocate the initial seed monies to increase the expenditures in other line items in their budgets may do so with the Student Involvement Coordinator at the mandatory budget review meetings conducted during the fall semester.
  6. Clubs and organizations are encouraged to use seed monies first in their initial expenditures. Any unused funds remaining from seed monies revert to the Student Activities budget at the close of the College’s fiscal cycle.
  7. Fund balances originate from the club or organization’s efforts in fundraising and donations throughout any given semester. These funds are available to the club or organization during each fiscal year that they are active. These funds are deposited in the club or organization’s revenue account from which increases in expenditures can be made via a BAR, as needed.
  8. Fund balances remain in the club or organization’s budget to be used only by that club or organization. Club or organization fund balances revert to the Student Activities budget only when the Student Involvement Coordinator has defined the club or organization as inactive. (See the definition of inactive.)
    Student clubs or organizations must deposit any funds raised within 24 hours of receipt.
    Funds can only be used in accordance with SFCC and state guidelines.
  9. Each registered club or organization and its sponsor are required to operate in a fiscally responsible manner. The Student Activities Office offers mandatory budget information sessions in the fall and spring semesters that the budget manager and alternate budget manager are required to attend.
  10. No club or organization, whether registered or not, may use the facilities of the College as long as it owes a monetary debt to the College and the debt is considered delinquent by the College.

Loss of Registration

  1. A registered student organization may have its registered status canceled by the Student Involvement Coordinator if it:
  2. No longer meets the eligibility requirements set forth herein.
  3. Violates the rights and duties of clubs and organizations set forth herein.
  4. Fails to comply with the fiscal procedure set forth herein.
  5. Is inactive for a period of four consecutive semesters, two fall and two spring semesters. (Inactive is defined as no communication or meetings between members and its sponsor and/or no fiduciary activity for the same period of time.)
  6. A student club or organization whose registered status has been canceled may appeal according to the provisions of Policy 2-3 Student Concerns and Complaints.
  7. A registered student club or organization whose registered status has been canceled due to inactivity may apply for re-registration at any time. Any funds remaining in the club or organization’s budget at the time of cancellation reverts to the Student Activities budget.
  8. A registered club or organization whose registered status has been canceled due to disciplinary violations may not re-register for a period of at least four months following the date of such cancellation. The cancellation is effective College wide.

Contact:         Thomasinia Ortiz-Gallegos, Associate Vice President for Student Success

Updated:        5/10/2017

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