4-38: Evaluation of Administrative and Support Staff – Procedures


A. Evaluation Schedule

1. The Office of Human Resources (OHR) sends a reminder about the requirement for annual evaluations to all units during the month of January each year. The supervisor sets a tentative date for the formal annual evaluation no later than the first week in February.
2. The supervisor completes the evaluation form by March 1.
3. After completing the evaluation, the employee and supervisor sign the Performance Evaluation Form. The supervisor’s signature indicates that he/she has followed the process and completed the form. The employee is provided an opportunity to review, discuss, and offer additional comments on the evaluation and is required to sign the evaluation form acknowledging that he/she has read and received a copy of the evaluation. The employee’s signature does not necessarily indicate agreement. If an employee disagrees with his/her written performance evaluation, the employee may attach a response to the evaluation form.
4. The employee’s immediate supervisor is responsible for determining and negotiating any yearly objectives and clarifying responsibilities and duties as described in the appropriate job description. Each supervisor completes a written performance evaluation at the end of an employee’s probationary period and, thereafter, annually prior to March 1. The supervisor is responsible for returning the evaluation form to OHR for filing.
5. Yearly objectives are signed by the supervisor and the employee, and a copy is given to the employee.
6. The formal annual evaluation is completed by February 28th of each year. The immediate supervisor assumes the responsibility for meeting all performance review and evaluation deadlines.
7. OHR is responsible for monitoring receipt and appropriateness of all forms and for reporting on compliance with this regulation. OHR submits reports to cabinet-level officers concerning any supervisors not in compliance with the requirements of this policy. OHR maintains copies of the appraisal forms and makes them available for evaluations.
8. The completed evaluation form is signed by the evaluator and is reviewed and signed by the employee. The completed, signed form becomes part of the employee’s personnel record and is maintained by the OHR. The evaluation form and pre-evaluation worksheet must be in OHR by March 31 of each year.


A. Each spring, prior to May 1, the Director of Human Resources reviews the staff evaluation system and submits a report to the President’s Cabinet through the Vice President for Finance and Administration with suggestions for improvements and refinements. Any employee may present recommended changes of appraisal forms to the president and Governance Council at any time. Each Vice President is responsible for seeing that recommended changes are considered.

B. Complaints involving evaluation are handled as follows:

1. An employee who questions his or her evaluation discusses the complaint with the appropriate supervisor in an effort to settle the issue. The employee has up to seven calendar days from the time of his or her receipt of the evaluation results to discuss complaints with the evaluating supervisor.
2. All complaints must be discussed and answered. No complaint is off limits for informal discussion. An employee’s feelings and emotional state must be considered at this time.
3. Management is charged with creating an atmosphere of trust without fear of retaliation or hostility. A well-thought-out and reasoned answer can prevent formal grievances at this point in the process.
4. If the informal answer to the evaluation is unsatisfactory to the employee, the complaint then becomes formal, and the process described in Policy 4-3 (Employee Concerns and Complaints) is followed.

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