3-2: Directed Studies – Procedures


A. Workload
1. Directed studies, with the exception of a practicum that meets minimum enrollment requirements, do not count toward the regular workload of full- time  faculty. All directed studies are treated as overload for full-time faculty and are paid at the incremental pay rate.
2. Lab pay rates do not apply to directed studies. Faculty are paid (at the incremental pay rate) for the number of credit hours the course carries, not for the number of pay hours. For example, a one-credit lab course, which would be compensated at the rate of 1.5 pay hours if taught in a regular classroom setting, is compensated at the rate of 1 pay hour (equivalent to the number of credit hours) if taught in a directed-studies setting.

B. Compensation
All directed studies are paid at the appropriate incremental PDP rate. (See Policy
4-42). Faculty will be paid according to the following formula: Number of students divided by break-even enrollment x pay level for that faculty member x number of credits.

C. Independent Studies
As with all directed studies, independent studies must be endorsed by the dean and approved by the Vice-President for Academic and Student Affairs.

D. Incremental pay rates are reviewed annually by the Human Resources Director after consultation with the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.

Updated: 7/28/03 Revised: 9/20/04