8-9: Postings on Campus – Procedures

Interior Postings

  1. The use of cellophane tape, masking tape, and self-adhesive stickers or decals is prohibited.
  2. Postings on the cork boards located underneath room signs must be relevant to that particular room.
  3. Postings in the form of fliers or posters are allowed only on bulletin boards and cork strips located underneath of room signs. Exemptions must use a low-adhesive tape, such as painter’s tape, and include the name and contact information of the person responsible for the posting. The person responsible is required to remove the posting immediately upon the end of its usefulness.
  4. Postings placed on the public bulletin boards located throughout campus and managed by the Office of Student Development must include the name and contact information of the person responsible for the posting, and have an approval stamp from the Office of Student Development or an SFCC logo.
  5. Departments with bulletin boards located in public areas are responsible for maintaining them. If a department fails to maintain its bulletin board, it will be turned over to the Office of Student Development for use as a public bulletin board or removed.
  6. Postings in the form of table tents, counter cards and banners must be approved by the Marketing and Public Relations Department.
  7. Art projects and general displays must be approved by the Art on Campus Coordinator.
  8. Handouts must be distributed hand-to-hand or through the use of tables reserved through the Facilities Coordinator. Leaving piles of handouts anywhere on campus is prohibited.
  9. Easels and floor banners may be used only during special events and must be placed next to or behind a table. Easels and floor banners may not at any time stand alone, nor impede or pose a hazard to pedestrian traffic.
  10. Newspaper and magazine racks/boxes are only allowed in the main entryway. The owner of the rack/box is responsible for maintaining it. If a rack/box is not maintained, it will be removed.

Exterior Postings

  1. Hanging postings anywhere on the front portal, rear portal or portal columns is prohibited.
  2. Postings on SFCC buildings or property are prohibited except during campus-wide events such as an open house, fall fest, spring fling, summer barbeque and graduation.
  3. Placing postings on cars parked in SFCC lots is prohibited.

All exceptions must be approved in writing by the Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations or their designee. Emergency or closing notices are exempt from this policy.

All SFCC employees have the authority to, and are encouraged to, remove postings that do not meet the requirements of Policy 8-9 and its procedures.

Contact:         Jeffrey Atwell, Director of Marketing Communications
505-428-1216, jeffrey.atwell@sfcc.edu

Updated:        4/13/2017

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Campus Closed: Spring Break

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No on- or off-campus classes or activities will be held, and no labs or other student services will be available.

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